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All I know is that both USTVGO and USTV247 are saying: Sorry we are closed.

Have had USTVGO only one week and even changed to Nord VPN to get all the stations on  it.  BUMMER !!!

Does anyone know if they are permanently gone or what is their status?



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I know a few that offer a few channels free.

One offers free local (US Local) if you are a Disabled Veteran. It may offer for other types of Disability or SS. I only know the Veteran part because of Husband. He watches local Houston Tx news. ABC KTRK 13,NBC KPRC 2,CBS KHOU 11, CW 39 KIAH, and a few other channels

I dont want to broadcast it here and have the company besieged from Chapala IP Addresses and cause me issues.

If you PM me I will Message you back.

PS, Dont expect a reply in 2 minutes. I will not know about your message until I am back on the Chapala Webboard. I do not have my Chrome home page set as Chapala Webboard (Like Some) that goes.

DING/SIRENS or Rotating Beaconsrepubliklan.gif.56d38562576022e2dce58de989741497.gif

anytime someone messages

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I am going to miss ustvgo.tv since I was a regular viewer of HGTV and the DIY channels but both were getting very repetitive. The one that I am watching now (FREE) is out of Canada and is called Pluto TV. It launched some time in December.

Here is the link to it... Pluto TV (insidelakeside.com)

Pluto TV Comedy Movies on Pluto TV

I put my vpn  (nord) in Toronto to link to it because otherwise most titles are in Spanish. At the top of the link, you can choose "live TV" or "on demand".......... lots of categories and shows and all in English. Pluto is now my go to choice.

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