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Another Dentist question:

I am only here til the end of Feb. Recently started experiencing pain in a molar that was repaired last autumn. Pain now manageable with aspirin but these things don’ t get better by waiting.

Attended Dr. Barragan’s office this a.m. for consultation and was advised that extraction was indicated; that Dr. Barragan was booked til March; and that Dr. Sonia Montellano Ruvalcaba would be doing the procedure.

Anyone have any experience to share re. this dentist


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I just had an infected abscessed tooth removed by Dr Javier from Guadalajara who comes to Dra. Candys office here. Very caring and English speaking. It was a difficult extraction as the root of the tooth was cracked off under the gum but he was great and got the tooth and root out. Now on to an implant. 😌

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I *think* that Dra. Sonia is a Periodontist that comes down from Guadalajara. If it is she, she performed minor gum surgery for me at Barragan's office last year... as well as other dental work (fillings).  I was/am satisfied with her service. English spoken. 

I have been using Dr. Barragan's office for years. IMO if he trusts this Dra. to be in his office, I would trust her also for something like a tooth extraction. 

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My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Barragan since he had his small office in Chapala, wouldn't go to anyone else. As to Dra. Ruvalcaba I had 2 molars removed last month by her and couldn't believe how fast and painless it was, you'd be in good hands.

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