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Local Berel Paint Stores

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Do any of the local Berel paint stores have the device that scans a color chip and provides the correct tinting information?  I have been going to GDL for my Berel paints because I haven't found a store locally that has this.  Color matching by eye like they do at Prisa just isn't accurate enough with my colors.

I've had very good results with the Berel 10 year both inside and outside and don't want to change brands.


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Can't help you with your request but would really like to know the location of the Berel store in Guadalajara that offers the scanning of the colour chip. T.I.A.

I purposefully chose colours with formulas so that they could be easily duplicated........ well, that didn't work out very well either. 

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color matching is hit and miss here. My painter manually did it himself! Ceasr  3318558331 He loves to do artistic painting, masonry, electric... Very reasonable prices

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5 hours ago, Ferret said:

ANY Home Depot?

Well we went to the new Home Depot on Lopez Mateos Sur and they informed us their color machine is broken.  "when will it be fixed?"

"Shrug."  Maybe el tienda mas norte en Lopez Mateos tiene uno."

So still looking for a Berel store that has a WORKING color matcher.

It is not hit or miss with a working color analyzer/matcher.  Our past purchase of paint at that Home Depot was a perfect match for the previous paint.  The color chip needs to be prepared carefully and cleanly with multiple coats over white.

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