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Jalisco governor involved in lakeside traffic issue

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when the governor came the traffic was flowing fine.. They put transitos at the lights and it was smooth going , maybe they should learn from that instead of swamping the strets in Chapal and getting motocycle and other vehicules impounded. When I told the transitos they should be in Ajijic they gave me the name of the boss and suggested that I showed him the pictures I took of the Ajijic disaster.. Only one problem, the boss stops working at 3 and I do not get there untul after 3.

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Hard for me to see any fix for the traffic problem on the carretera though I do remember that time when all the traffic lights were out for several days and things moved far better.  This was before that crazy traffic light gauntlet was installed in front of Walmart and that sure could be fixed. 

And do we really need 3 traffic lights in San Antonio?

Maybe replacing some or most of the lights with four way stop would help, who knows?

There really is no practical possibility of a libremiento around Ajijic at this point.  Any reconstruction of parallel streets for through traffic would be extremely disruptive and destructive of the community.  Can't see that happening. 

This governor has done more for the roads in this state than any governor by far in our 15 years here.  He's also done some pretty serious improving of public transportation in GDL.  He actually gets out with a driver and rides over the roads to see what they are like first hand.  The last guy just flew around in his helicopter and largely ignored the bad roads.  

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I think I remember the previous gov of Jalisco, Sandoval, got whacked in PV a few years back.  Maybe Alfaro is doing his job as he should. I will give him the benefit of doubt. 

Es el mismo pero no igual.  No different than the police, the politicians may all be the same but not equal.  

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29 minutes ago, David Rodwell said:

Roundabouts/traffic circles are pretty effective.

IMHO The only place with sufficient space for a glorieta is in front of Walmart.  Allow left turn , coming from the East, at the light into Walmart would help. Allow traffic from the libramiento to go straight into Walmart would help.  Both of these suggestions would allow for the light to be removed in front of Auto Zone. Traffic off of libramiento going West could merge like we did for many years.  The only solution I see in Ajijic is a bypass road and I have no idea how that can be accomplished. 

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An easy fix to relieve the traffic issue; Take the lake side laterals and make the through from La Floresta to La Huerta few businesses would have to have their illegal shanty business extensions Eminently domained


Is the governor's election coming up this year?

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Here in San Carlos, no traffic lights, no traffic jams. Just fun. I just spent 3 months in Jocotepec and had to go to Chapala once Ajijic a few times. Guess what I took the bus. Much easier. Very costly. 12 pesitos. 

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If the state government is involved I don't think it will get better.  They are the ones who installed the dangerous bollards instead of just short rubber bumpers like all the bike paths in Guad have.  Also were the ones who designed and built the Walmart/libramiento intersection.  Also built the libramiento with no shoulders or walking paths.  Also are the ones who thought spreading loose gravel on the highway somehow made for a long term improvement. Now working on making Chapala downtown more unfriendly.  The new textured pavement is more noisy than the old bricks.  The avenue through La Floresta could be better utilized but the traffic will still bottleneck in Ajijic centro.  San Luis Soytlan still has the downtown bottleneck even though I heard years ago that the state was building a bypass for through traffic...and there is at least enough flat land south of their centro to make that work.  The state also built the Joco bypass without proper roadbed preparation and no consideration for drainage or unstable land movement. That section of road requires constant repair as a result.  Not sure if they have EVER done a proper job around here.  Decisions seem to be made based on whose friend or family can profit instead of what is best for the community.

MC is correct...when the traffic lights go out, the traffic flows much more smoothly.

I do not pretend to have any answers but the state's history in this regard is tough to ignore.


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Alan makes a lot of good points.  The much touted redo of the Joco bypass actually left most of the uneven pavement due to poor foundation and only sorta fixed the worst of it.  Improved, yes, but hardly a real permanent fix to a road that was built so badly it can only really be fixed by digging the whole thing up and building it all over again.  It will continue to sink and they'll be out working on it again in a couple of years.

BTW the San Luis Soyutlan bypass construction is stalled for lack of funds.  Getting through that town is extremely difficult for the same reason traffic is greatly slowed through Ajijic Centro, namely the street parking and maneuvering in and out of parking spaces while backing everything up thoroughly.  But at least they have the geography that permits a solution and that will eventually be finished.  There is simply no similar solution available for Ajijic.  We are built right up to and into the mountain.

Ending all left turning traffic in Ajijic Centro won't work because it is so tortuous above the carretera to drive anywhere let alone circle the block. 

One thing that did occur as we drove through there around 1PM today is that eliminating all street parking in centro would definitely free up thru movement but would probably cause the businesses there to either close or riot in the street.  Without the parking there could be 3 lanes which would allow for left turn lanes.  IMHO that is the only admittedly limited solution available and politically it is most likely impossible.

And the state are responsible for that Walmart mess.  That kind of "traffic engineering" if proposed by an engineering student would draw a grade of "F" for unduly complicated, costly and hazardous.  What could have cheaply been fixed with a four cycle single light with dedicated left turn into Walmart solution in front of the store as is the norm almost everywhere has turned into a great place for the street beggars and squeegee boys but certainly not motorists. 

However I understand the local body shops are quite pleased with it.

And do we REALLY need 3 traffic lights in San Antonio?  One on either end should suffice and did so quite nicely before.

None of the streets south of the carretera in Ajijic are suitable for through traffic. As Alan noted, none of them really go through to a point where they could carry through traffic.

At this point, a real fix for Ajijic Centro is a physical and political impossibility.  The best bet seems to be to arrange schedules to the greatest extent possible to avoid the worst of it.  So far that seems to be working pretty good for us.


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