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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?


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15 hours ago, elevator said:

. Need it for my shoulder. Guess I'll ask my Orthopedist here.

1.  NEED or think you want???    2.  By all means ask your doctor.... not unqualified tho' well-meaning friends and this board.   3.  I just googled it extensively....... certainly would not me something I'd decide to do without good reason from doctor with successful referrals I could check.

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PRP and Stem Cells have been discussed here a bunch over the last 3 years. Neither are a panacea for all ailments and, IMO, neither should be used without a thorough investigation into the provider AND the intended use. 

In addition, one cannot just 'inject' either into the 'general' area of concern... like 'a shoulder' ... but in all the uses that I am aware of should be directed by real time fluoroscopy.  This is NOT a 'point and shoot' kind of treatment although I am sure there are some providers who will argue this point. 

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I've done the research and know all about the how and why. I've had two knees replaced and one ankle. I walk 18 holes 3 times a week. My shoulder needs replacing, but I'm not gonna think about it till I can't swing a club. I've had cortisone and it helps for a while, but has some negatives. Two good friends in the states had PRP with very good results.

So no, I don't plan on getting a point and shoot from a quack, My post was to inquire if anyone knew a reputable provider. Guess not.

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