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Oil for lamp


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1 hour ago, chapalence said:

Superlake has had it from time to time. 

If it was me, I  would learn what it is called in Spanish and ask around at some ferreterías. 

It is called aceite de lámparas. An oil lamp is also called el candil. I visited three different ferreterias and none carried it. One carried a kerosene lantern and sold kerosene, but I don't want to use that inside my house.

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53 minutes ago, asilvam said:

The Dollar Store in Ajijic, and also Walmart, where I bought lavender scented oil last week....

I checked Walmart with no success at all, even after asking several employees. The Dollar Store on the Plaza did have one bottle of Aceite de Citronela, but the container said "exterior". There was nothing else. Still looking.

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