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Brewers yeast


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4 hours ago, stuphel said:

I've been told sprinkling this on a dogs food will help in fighting fleas.  Does anyone know where I can get it locally?  I don't want ordinary yeast for bread making.  Thanks.

You might try the small health food booth just inside Walmart.  GNC is also likely to carry it.  I know of one on the ground floor of the Mega store next to Costco.


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Brewers yeast, aka Nutritional yeast. Believed to act as a repellant to fleas/ticks but won't help if there's already infestation (this requires treatment) and helps make the coat shine. High calorie content (35 per 9gr/2 level Tbsp), depending on pet's health/age/activity level, limit use. (Older pets generally need less calories.) 

Flakes or powder. Powder gets messy/clumps up in bowl much quicker (moisture/saliva), you may prefer using flakes.

Many pets (and humans) like the flavor. Been using as pet food supplement for decades.

Usually source via southbound mules as Mex Customs may block food supplements from entry.  Can be found locally, Abastos, etc.

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