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Where to get water analysis?


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If you have just opened a new well, you should wait awhile before you test to let things settle down.  Sounds like you need to do a full panel test (35 element test) in compliance with Mexican water testing NOM standards.  If it is a "legal" well (ie. done with the blessing of Conagua and with an authorized well "concession") this would be part of the requirements of your concession agreement. If it is an "illegal" well, you could be in some trouble if found out (but you probably know this).  For the full panel test, there are several labs in GDL that can do this for you.  PM me if you want a list.

The private system I help maintain is registered with our local Municipality (since we support about 60 homes that the Municipality cannot currently support) and our wells get tested annually by Agua Jalisco along with the other wells operated by our Municipality.  

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