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2 hours ago, rvanparys said:

Having three, four legged children I can identify... Eating al-freso where someone has a well minded pet certainly doesn't bother me... Pets in restaraunts are the norm in many European countries.. 

So are tiny overpriced non refill cups of coffee and added service charge....  so I could care about most European countries. 

Pets do no belong in restaurants. Your dog is as important to you as my pet cow is to me and she is very well behaved. So she should be allowed in restaurants?

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I don’t take my dog to a restaurant just for the hell of it but if we’re out walking and I stop for a bite to eat, she sits under my chair and naps.  She doesn’t bother anyone and she doesn’t make a sound.  I don’t want to listen to somebody’s yappy dog in a restaurant nor do I want to see someone’s dog being fed at the table in a restaurant.  I have no problem with well behaved children or dogs in a restaurant.  😎

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My friends and I (7 of us ordered hot dogs, $95 MXN. That's a lot of overcharge. We were assured that they came with fries. Asked several times. English and Spanish! Assured, 'Si, senor!' Si!' The bill came. $95 for the hot dog (NOT large, but regular size PLUS $45 for the fires. We inquired and inquired and inquired. After too much time was wasted, we paid! The waitress, her manager (We were told Pancho wasn't there.) basically told us to f-off! The waitress got stiffed.  We have all been her 15-20 years. We know our way around. We all know the story about Pancho and Super lake. That way will always be around Pancho's.

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On 12/15/2022 at 4:48 PM, Lou Quillio said:

Frankly, you needn't come to Mexico to find many entitled gringas imposing their darling, ornamental child-proxies on strangers, nervily daring someone to object, spleens ready to vent.

Naturally, the same doesn't apply to my emotional-support gerbil Ernie, who mostly stays in my pocket. Mostly.



Have you seen the two people with parakeets on their shoulder?  They would fly around and return to their respective shoulder. 

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