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Watch Rest of World Cup Games on TV


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In the "praising-TotalPlay " topic of a couple of days ago, ea93105 (unrelatedly) complained about not being able to watch FIFA Argentina-Netherlands game on TotalPlay tv.  I was in the same boat that day so googled my way to a solution that might make a few other people happy.

VIX is a FREE TV service (don't confuse with VIX+ (aka plus)----not free)to Latin American countries in all kinds of categories...... and that includes all the remaining 2022 World Cup matches.  Mr. Google said I could download it onto my Samsung Smart TV.  My TV said "I don't think so.....".  I have ZERO idea if it's my usual tech-stupidity or because the TotalPlay TV mini-modem sitting under the set itself (for watching TP's Mexican channels) objected.  Don't care.  Mr. Google said "you can also download it onto your Amazon FIrestick".  So I tried again...... and failed.  

A little more fiddling around later and VOILA!!!!   It's there,  it works (England-France) , and the source it used was actually the TUDN service the basic TP  channel package doesn't contain. So if you're in a similar boat, this will work.  And believe me.... if I could do it there's not one person on the planet who could not.

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TUDN is channel 503 in the advanced package.  You would be able to see it there . It's not a case of the rights ( sometimes the phone people mean well, but aren't as  knowledgeable as needed in some situations....and then language interferes.. Been there.... done that.) That said, if you google, you'll see where you SHOULD be able to download VIX directly onto your television....... supposedly pretty easy. 

I couldn't do it, but then that's NO indicator of anyone else's ability.  OR perhaps you can download it to your laptop or desktop?  FYI, I never agree to "link" my cell phone to my desktop when prompted, but after putting VIX on my television yesterday, when I turned on the cell last night, up came a "download VIX now" on my cell phone screen.  HUH?????

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