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Another road rule


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After reading the comments about ignoring do not turn sign, I want to add another pet peeve and it isn't just a " Mexican " problem. It is turning on one's turn signal light. The traffic is a real challenge. When someone wants to get into a lane of traffic , they just sit there and you have no idea if they want to get in your lane or the lane going into the opposite direction. I have seen a courteous  drivers allowing someone in but they are going in the other direction and cars are driving in that lane. So the car just sits there in my lane, perpendicular .and holding up my lane

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For fun reading, here's the new Jalisco 2022 transit regulations. Changes to current laws are conveniently listed in the front section. For instance, if there is a rear-end collision with no injuries and no damage to public property or to third parties, you can now move your vehicles after following certain steps. That should help ease the delays while affected vehicles await insurance support, etc.


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