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This is a strange one, even for me! Hubs and I were in Chapala for an appointment and I had parked our car on the right hand side as you head into Chapala Centro -- somewhere between the Pet Place and Arbol de Cafe. When I returned to grab the car to pick spouse up, I notice a man ("A") was actually lying on the sidewalk, under my bumper and right against my front passenger tire. He looked like he had passed out. Fortunately, there was a young Mexican couple walking ahead of me and the male ("B") immediately went up to see if the guy was OK and if he needed help. It looked like "B" was trying to raise "A" up, but it appeared that "A" wasn't interested and stayed sitting. Naturally, "B" then continued on with his companion as it was obvious he could do nothing more. (ETA:  when "B" first approached him, "A" started a very, very slight shaking as though he was having a mini-seizure. This stopped when "B" approached him to help.) By this time, I had walked up, hopped in my car, and immediately locked the doors. "A" sat for a second like he expected me to get out and check on him. I didn't, so he hopped up and began tapping on my passenger window. I just looked at him and then signaled that hubs was on the other side of the street and I was going there. I backed up slightly (thank goodness there was room and traffic was unusually light). "A" stood there staring at me, continued to knock while he could and then yelled something that I didn't hear. I pulled a U-turn, pulled over to pick up hubby and then drove off. There was nothing on the street (ie, I didn't park on his pet, foot, or anything else) and we had been at an appointment in Chapala the entire time. This man was nowhere around us when I parked and the area for cars was clear. Anyone else have something similar happen? Anyone know what was going on?

All I can think was that it was a scam to claim I had hit him; that he was going to try to rob me when I went out to check on him; or that he was going to try to hop in the car and rob me? take my car? try to extort me?

Just another Tuesday...


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