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Good News: Chapala has solution for the traffic control disaster in front of WalMart

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  • Mainecoons changed the title to Good News: Chapala has solution for the traffic control disaster in front of WalMart

That has to be better than what we have now.. We have to congratulate Chapala! 

Actually a round about like what they have i EUrope would be the solution..no lights of anytype with priority to those who come from the right...of course you would have to have driver who know what priority to the right mean and respect it.. two big hurdles

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The Minerva has lights the Arch of Triumph does not.. A young woman ask me to accompany her to the place she lived in once and she had to drive accross the Arch of Triumph were 9 or 12 4 lanes avenues enter with heavy traffic, the one thing you remember is priority on th eright and the one that hits you in the back is at falt, close your eyes and go..well my friend friekes and we went around around she was scared of putting th eblinker and bluff her way through, the more you go around and the more you go in the center so we went around and around the center , I know we were going to die of starvation if I did not do something..I told her stop at a cop on the left and I asked him to stop all the traffice so she could get out. He was nice and did it little by little..amongst insults and horns going non stop, I was mortified but we got out. The Minerva is a piece of cake in comparaison..

On this intersection it would not be that bad  especially if a transito was there to until people got used to it.. 






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