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Wrought iron work


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What kind of wrought iron work are you looking for?

The traditional wrought iron done on the forge with hammer is just about gone. The National School of Ceramic was looking for someone who could do vry fine traditional old wrought iron work to do tops of large jars and they asked me to kook for someone in this area because their herrero  in Tapalpa who was doing a very fine job decided to do balconeria which is  is the work you see everywhere on protection bats gates doors etc.. because there is more money in it. I am friends with the 2 families in CHiapas who are left doing that kind of traditional work and cound that ther is no one in this area that does the old fashion type of work any longer.. There are many men doing a fine job but no one doing the hand hammered work any longer.

I had some furniture at one time done the traditional way  in Tlaquepaque but that was expensive and many years ago.

I live near the 6 esquinas and know several people but they are almost impossible to get because the good ones who are reasonable have a long list of work to do for architects and develipers. I had to battle with 3 people in the neighborhood to come to me house and one recommended 2 others because he just was too busy.. I ended up having the work done by one man o Ocampo and another one in the 6 esquinas and anotehr one  on Rio Bravo who did not do a good job.. I could not give yo names as my gardener knows where tthey live and goes and gets them. 


WHo is the one west of Blue Rose ?? West of there is the LaHuerta Center and there is no Herrero there,. There is one on Rio zula on the left before getting on Ocampo but who else is in the area? WOuld love to know as I am forever chasing down good herreros..

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