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GREAT show at BRAVO Theatre!!! Don't miss it! Still have Sunday at 4, Thursday and Friday at 7:30 and again Saturday and Sunday at 4. We went last night and it's one of the best shows we've seen lakeside in many years. Surely most of us are familiar with "Gone With the Wind" and this playwright takes it from there. It's hilarious to see Ken Y. acting as Scarlet and Prissy, Fred Koesling as Rhett Butler, Randy Warren as the conscientious playwright and the talented lady who played the Secretary for Mr. Selznick. I can just imagine what must have happened during those 5 days while the screenplay was being re-written. These 4 actors bring it ALL to life with fun antics, great dialogue, wonderful acting and a terrific set. It's GREAT fun, perfectly cast, well acted and guaranteed to provide 2 hours of FANTASTIC entertainment. I encourage you to check out this wonderful production before it's gone. Hey, if there's enough demand, perhaps BRAVO! will extend the run one more week. I realize there's competition with LLT's "12th Night" and our own "Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance" productions. This BRAVO show is a MUST SEE!

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I cant find any information about the next show at the Bravo Theater.   Their FaceBook page is not active.

Any ideas?


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YEA! I'm lucky to be chosen to be part of this fun, interactive, unique show. Brush up on songs from The Wizard of Oz and join us and sing along to these childhood favorites.

See you there!

Val Jones :)

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