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To my utter amazement the Chapala government is going to close the intersection of Hildalgo and Madero, in the center of Chapala where the traffic light is, for construction starting apparently tonight.  The so called bypass is insane, a cow path that can't begin to handle the diversion.

Most of the attendees and hosts of the Feria are west of that intersection.  The only real practical way to get there now will be to take the libremiento to the top of Chapala and then make your way around it probably using the road that goes by the train station.

Please don't let this stop you from going to the Feria, after a two year hiatus the artisans really need people to come.

Here is the announcement.  Someone please post this on TOB.


Screenshot (123).png

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Sorry I shouldn't naturally assume everyone is familiar with the layout of Chapala.  I should have said follow any Eastbound road in el centro till you get to the end on Gonzalez Gallo that passes in front the Cristianía park turn right and follow it to the end.  The Yacht Club will be opposite the primary school Colegio del Lago.

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  • Mainecoons changed the title to TRAFFIC ALERT FOR FERIA--UPDATE TODAY, SATURDAY

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