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Phil, wait a couple of more days before you get too excited. Many things can contribute to poor performance, not just your connection to Telmex.   Also if you are not, turn off your device(s) daily. NOT your modem, your computers/phones.  If after a 'week' you are still only getting "8" down then it will be time to get concerned.... and maybe call the 800 number in Mexico City.



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3 hours ago, phil in mexico said:

Amazing  before fiber optics  11 to 12 down after installation  38 down next day today 8 down why 

Make sure all of your devices have the new login information for your fiber modem.  If low numbers continue,  contact your installer.   Don't call 800 number,  no help. Your installer can come and use a device to check everything.   Speaking from personal experience. 

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