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Is there a Service for Renewing Driver's License?


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You need to go in person. The process is easy. Make your appointment  pay at the recaudadora oin Chapala go to license bldg near the pier restaurants parking in Chapala



For your appointment



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Even if you hire a facilitator all they can do is to bring you to the door. They are not allowed in the building, only the one getting the license.

With the new appointment system the line is minimal. With a computer and credit card you can make the appoint and payment online. Just bring the receipts, your old license and of course a CFE bill and you're ready to go. The wait for the new laminated license is longer than the wait to get in the building but not all that long.

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I just renewed mine, without an appointment, just walked in, took no test of any kind (not vision, driving, written or computer).  I had my receipt for payment and all necessary documents and copies, and walked out about 10 minutes later holding my renewed license.  I was beyond shocked.  One thing they wanted that wasn't on the list of necessary documents was my passport, which I fortunately had.  If your problem is getting to the camera, a facilitator wouldn't be able to help, but the guy at the front desk was extremely helpful and I'll bet that he'd be willing to assist you.  The process was super easy and they were very accommodating.  Good luck. 

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