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1 hour ago, vetteforron said:

San Carlos had some problems also. It is everywhere. In 22 years living in Mexico I have not change my life except I don't stay out late anymore. That is because of my age not crime. 

Yes, I agree. In the more than 15 years here the only time we had any real problems was when the cartels were fighting over this area. Many kidnappings, beheadings, etc, I also do not go out late that often either which started when I experienced night blindness. This was resolved when my cataracts were removed. By that time Covid had arrived and now I am used to being in at night. The National Guard was not brought in to stop crime but the Cartels. The increase in violence across the lake caused Jalisco to send in the Guard and the Military. While Jocotepec is on both sides of the lake,and is in close vicinity of the municipalities and town which are in trouble. In addition, Joco lies on the drug route to Guadalajara. 



"Tonala and Puerto de Hierro are not on the other side of the lake and neither is La Barca area.. There is so much stuff going on that one loses tract if it is not happening in Chapala"

"Tonala and Puerto de Hierro as well as La Barca are not lakeside at alll. The subject was the National Guard on local streets and not in Jalisco generally. 

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No kidding , they are all over in Chiapas doing nothing.. meanwhile people are killing each other.. On the last episode they showed up in the main town in the municipality when the massacre was happening 1 hour away ...they then went back where they came from without ever getting to where the problem really was..

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