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Belgian is an athletic dog with a high prey drive.   The Malnois is used frequently in police work it requires a lot of socializing to be a canine good citizen.    Which of the 4 Belgians do you have?   What training are you looking for?  Obedience, Schutzhund, or ?   I ask because to train a dog it’s necessary, imo, to train the handler as well. 

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My Cora (short for Corazon) is a Belgian Malinois. This is the second one whose company I've shared. I've never had the same type of dog twice before now. She's cuddly, sweet, incredibly smart and talkative and the only prey she's interested in is cookies. Ginny is mostly German Shepherd and, since moving into this little house, she has killed two rats and two 'possums. She is a true stalker... doesn't get excited or bark when stalking... just kills quietly.

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