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I don’t think so. Android phones probably won’t sync with Apple. Total different operating system. Apple is IOS. I don’t know what android is. We have all apple electronics so don’t know the answer 😢not sure I understood your question but any other apple phone should sync but not another operating system. Need to check with telcel I guess. 😬

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sm1mex said: "I don't know what Android is."

Android is actually an Operating System, not a phone. Originally developed by Android, Inc. from the Linux kernal and bought out by Google probably 15 years ago or more. It is actually 'open source' code... meaning not proprietary to Google.... and is given free to others. Almost all other phone manufacturers use this operating system, unlike Apple which uses/makes the IOS operating system solely for their products.

Best known phone(s) using the Android OS are Google themselves (Pixel), Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and a whole host of other companies. Google updates the OS often and then others get it and tweek it for their particular phone(s). 

Now THAT's more than you wanted to know most likely...



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4 hours ago, RickS said:

Best known phone(s) using the Android OS are Google themselves (Pixel)

Right. The Android equivalent of the iPhone is the Google Pixel, and maybe the high-end Samsung Galaxy units.

Beyond those, Android can mean just about anything. Inexpensive Android-derived phones power the developing world, which is a boon that has no iPhone analog. Open-source, baby.

Currently, the Pixel 6a is a lotta phone and a real steal:


As far as syncing goes, it mostly takes care of itself if you also install the major Google apps for iPhone. For example, most iPhone users choose Google Maps, so no issue there. Every iPhone user should install Google Photos, Contacts, and Drive, just for the redundancy. You don't have to choose: install both even if you only use one. Drive syncs files, Dropbox-style.

Key point: "iPhone vs. Android" means nothing. "iPhone vs. Google Pixel" (or high-end Samsung) is the meaningful comparison.



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....isn't it interesting that, on a device that cost upwards of $1,000 US, many of us are as concerned about the color as we are about how it works.  But this is where we are I guess.  When Henry Ford brought out the Model T, he said one could have it in ANY color.... as long as that color was BLACK! 

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