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9 hours ago, demargot said:

Trouble getting electricity bill name changed 

We sent our property manager 4 weeks ago to change the name on the cfe account on a property we bought some years ago. We are still extranjeros (not yet residents), she took passport photocopies and was out in 30 minutes with mission accomplished. Moral of the story: send your Mexican facilitator. 

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thanks for responding. Yes I went to CFE twice a week apart with my real estate agent who facilitated purchase of house.  the man at the desk said all documents were satisfactory but system is down each time and there is a lot of back log. crazy! it has been at least several weeks, my real estate guy checked again last week, still down, never been so bad he says. I became suspicious because it seemed weird to be unable to do this for so long. I posted on FB and others are having the same problem. I can't get solar panels till my name is on the bill. just wanted to know if others mentioned same issue on this site. I'm new on Chapala.com and mistakenly posted this topic twice cause I thought the first one didn't go through when writing via phone. sorry,

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The ease at which any changes can be made is dependent on the CFE manager . Sometimes a new guy will instruct his worker bees to make sure all the correct documents are presented  etc. The system failure is another issue, but the time to o fix that is inexcusable ...Maybe  they're waiting for a CFE service guy!

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