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Guadalajara airport INM update


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The way processes are always changing here, it seems you are better off to be prepared to have an INM form filled out, at least for leaving Mexico.  Right now, the one constant seems to be the INM still needs to stamp one half of your INM form to get on the plane leaving Guad (they normally staple it to you boarding pass).

Coming back seems to be different story -- returning from US on August 21 they did not take the other half of the INM form .   

Coming back again from the States on Sept. 24th,  American flight attendants passed out INM forms BUT NOT the Customs forms.  This time INM DId accept the other half of our form.  

For  now, it seems like they are in transition, so better off to be prepared.   We always try to keep extra INM forms on hand as well.

To complicate things further, American asked to fill out the INM form online BEFORE your flight leaving Guad.   We ignored and it was basically a non-issue since we had the physical INM form filled out with us. 


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Also arrived back in early October…at Passport Control we were told by an English speaking agent that the FMM form was no longer being used…he returned them to us and said the passport stamp was all that was necessary…….this has also happened to several of our friends. The airlines do  still however require the bottom section of the FMM form..( at the moment )

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13 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

As posted earlier in this thread they are not using the FMM form at the GDL airport at this time. They are stamping passports with a date.  That is why you don't see the airport listed for the form.

Departing, not arriving. So the FMM form is being used at every airport in Mexico, except GDL? Somehow, I doubt this.

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On the 13th I departed GDL-Huston and went to United Airlines counter first, showed them my Apps boarding pass (I checked in earlier using the app) and asked if I needed a stamped FMM card to depart… They looked puzzled and said that the app pass was all I needed… I asked for paper boarding passes too just in case… But they were not interested in anything to do with FMM… When boarding I just scanned my app not needing the paper boarding pass… No one asked me or anyone else for FMM…

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I flew out on October 5th. Guadalajara to Dallas then to Toronto. American Airlines wanted the bottom half of the FMM and I retained the top half just in case. Just walked in the door about a half an hour ago. Immigration took the top half and placed it in a pile but then stamped my Canadian passport.  I'd say it's a work in progress and to cover all your bases. I will also say that immigration coming back into Mexico was delightful compared to the nightmare that I went through at Toronto International Terminal 3 when I arrived there.

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