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Wireless exterior doorbell with remote receiver in house

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NOT talking about an intercom (recent related topic). The little button inside the exterior doorbell thing has died.... or broken.... no doubt from old age. Battery in it, as well as in the remote receiver, are fine. Exterior portion is on  wall outside front gates. Have been trying to search for replacement but get really confused when I get to "opinions" (Amazon, google search etc) ... especially when it comes to durability of little button inside doorbell press-point, and also the type of battery inside the doorbell portion. A23 vs- CR  2032. Present receiver is battery-operated but no problem with plug-in. Minimum 100 ft reception distance.  Only one  receiver needed.                  

No bells and whistles needed/wanted. These are not that expensive but want to get this new problem OFF my chores list without having it crop up again soon.  PLEASE---- reply  only if you know what you're talking about. Gracias!                                                                                 

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Gracias ML, but  I've already perused many of these devices at length on Amazon and Mercado Libre. What's bothering me the same item (depending on choice) get a great review and then one that specifically refers to the thing that actually gets depressed behind the doorbell button often malfunctions or breaks too soon. And a google search for "best types" on a tech page  led to model I thought I wanted, and sent me to Amazon, only to find Amazon said "not available / we don't know when".

Are you saying you have personal experience with one of the links (or even different model same brand)  you sent?

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So you've given 4 options in the links. Which of those did YOU buy.... and why?  One appears to be same model I considered yesterday from Amazon but  that was at the end of a long day and old ladies  don't make decision well after xxxx pm .... or often, earlier either! 🤣

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