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Cell phone repair?


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24 minutes ago, elevator said:

I have a Huawei phone and the screen suddenly went blank and is flashing Huawei every few seconds. It is charged, bill is paid. I held the power off button for thirty seconds and it will not power down. I never had this issue before with any phone. Suggestions? 

Try Press and hold the Power and Volume down key for up to 45 seconds. Wait as the phone restarts. Works on many android phones

If that doesn't work then  if you can open and remove battery do it. Wait at least one minute then re-install the battery

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We have a very dear friend, very young man.....soooooooo talented.  Well, my phone would not charge.  I took it to where I bought it, Telcel.  The repair man they use said it was not possible to repair.  So I went to another telcel for a 2nd opinion.  They guy said yes i can fix it.  $300 pesos.  He did but it only lasted one week. So I gave it to our friend.  He fixed it.  He fixed my husbands phone also.  He fixes all our friends phones.  So we are putting him through a tech school in Guad to be able to get his certificate to enter that career as he is amazingly talented.  If youve tried everything and nothing has worked and  you are interested in him looking at it, let me know.  Boswellbarbara3@gmail.com   Barbara

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