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Mariachi festival

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We went to the Chapala malecon to enjoy the recent Mariachi performances which were part of the big regional festival.  Wonderful family event.  Safe, clean, free, and lots of good music.  Great Ajijic band and a couple of others from Bolivia and Peru.  Great job by the local municipalidad.  It was so much fun that we decided to go the following evening to Jocotepec where it was advertised to be a free event on the plaza which would start at 7:00 pm.  We got there at about fifteen after assuming it would actually start a little later than advertised.  There was no sign of any stage or musicians present so we asked around and discovered that the festival was actually being held in a municipal auditorium a couple of blocks away...and it was a pay in advance event with reservations required and by 8:30 there were only about twenty folks inside and they were all hanging out by the big bar.  Lots of crowded together tables and huge loud speakers and a couple of sketchy hostesses checking the reservation list.  Not at all what was promoted in the local press and seemed like nothing we were interested in doing even if we could have gotten in. 

Seems that the local Joco municipalidad had a very different idea of what the festival was going to be for the local citizenry.  Kudos to Chapala for doing it differently!


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