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Thank you for your reply.  I did ask one of the handymen who have done work for us, he scratched his head & suggested we get an "expert".  I saw a similar product at the Home Decor store, I will ask them if they know any installers.  What we have is at least 20 years old & likely a lot more, it is probably considered an antique!  Worked perfectly until a week ago so has done it's duty, now it just buzzes really loudly both inside & out.  I disconnected it  Thanks again.

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16 hours ago, John Shrall said:

There seems to be lots of choices for wireless intercom systems on Amazon. That might be a simpler solution than one that is wired.

With respect John the prob!em is finding a competent " expert" to do the installation. I would try Stern and their recommendation to install.

I have spent thounds of Pesos with well meaning people 

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I'm going to take a guess that setting up wireless intercom units is very close to setting up portable telephones. Each telephone handset must be set up to talk to the base station and are numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on Each intercom must be set to the same channel to communicate with each other and numbered/named so you know which unit you want to talk to. 

Come to think of it, some portable telephone sets have intercom capabilities where one handset can ring another. My AT&T phone has an INT button on each handset and allows one handset to ring another.

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23 hours ago, ajijicbound said:

10 years ago someone at Handy Mail installed ours. We had an old system and replaced with a Steren model. It was a handy man they recommended. 

Ours was for an outside doorbell and to unlock the gate. I think you are looking for an inside the house intercom?

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We are looking to replace what we have.  A doorbell outside that we can answer inside.  I followed John's advice & checked them out on Amazon.  We don't need to see who is ringing, we just want to know why they are ringing & then determine whether to open the door or not.  I did find one on Amazon that would work for us.

Thanks everyone for your help.












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