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Drivers License office location


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In Chapala, past the malecón and seafood restaurants, When you see the white double doors of the yacht club (and before the Palapa de Don Juan restaurant) lakeside, turn left onto the small street. It's a small white building on the left; one parks and lines up at the outside terrace area to have supporting documents reviewed before being ushered into the building to take care of license requirements.

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google maps works - go down Ramona Corona 

look for lupita's restaurant - and then behind it you will see the drivers license facility in a field - but easy to see behind Lupitas

If you have an appointment, you should be able to print it and take to Oxxo and other places to pay.

LCS also has an upcoming class which makes things really easy.  Took their last class - which is why i know where the DL facility is located




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I was also there last week for a renewal... The outside entry doors are green and  painted info in big white letters  It's behind Cruz Roja and across the large parking lot where the wonderful shop with embroidered blouses etc  After we were done, Alfredo did say he'd just been advised that appointments were no  longer necessary but we were all scheduled for early appointments = line when we were done was long and those folks with appointments were just told to get in line.

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