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INM form needed to fly to US and back


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We flew out of GDL at the beginning of this month and returned via CBX bridge at San Diego. At GDL, the INM office had us fill out just PART of the form, but it was needed. We kept the other half for re-entry since we were coming back a different way. At least for now, DO GO to the INM window to inquire and fill out paperwork before heading to your airline counter or gate.


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Nope, the form is NOT needed. We just flew to DFW a week or so on AA. Even though we had been to the INM kiosk, AA did not collect our bottom half. And, upon return clearing customs in GDL (we had kept and filled out the top half) INM did not want it and politely tossed it to the side. 

Seems, we were told later, this is a new pilot program first in GDL. The idea is to place the responsibility upon the airlines to properly check documents.

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Same as it always has been -- you need to have to go to INM window at the airport and fill out same form.  Make sure you put your Temporala or Premanente Visa number at the top of each half of the form.  Whatever you do, do not lose the half they give back to you so you can get back into Mexico.


Ironically, my spouse just returned and the INM officer at Guad Airport did not keep her bottom half when she returned--- they gave it back with passport and visa. She asked Customs person what to do and they just said, keep it.   

Some procedures are never the same in Mexico.      

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