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No rain in Brisas de Chapala for six straight days.

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I have lived here for almost 13 years. Every rainy season we have a lull in August, which is about half-way through the season. This lull lasts about two weeks, during which time there may be a sprinkle/shower or two. Newbies tend to panic, fearing the rainy season has ended. Never fear! The rains will return. Meanwhile, I have begun manually using my sprinkler system and watering my potted plants. In addition, rain in "other spots" is typical because the north shore appears to be composed of many, many micro climates. I live just west of Ajijic. My best friend lives in Riviera Alta where they often have rain while we don't....and vice versa. Meanwhile, I hope  you are enjoying the cool nights and the gorgeous flowers and the mountains that look as tho' they are covered in green velvet. Such wondrous beauty!


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6 hours ago, elevator said:

Been here eight years and never seen that happen in rainy season. I know it's rained in other spots but this is unusual imo.


We have lived in Brisas since early 2007 and remember several years, in August,  when we had to get the hose back out because of extended time without rain.

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