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Foot neuropathy


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Foot Neuropathy can be cause by several things, for example ' vascular / circulation, diabetes,  etc.. It would  be advisable to find out  what  is the cause for this  condition first,  and then see the 'appropriate' medical person to deal with the cause.  Possibly  your family   doctor would the  the first person  to see. 

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 I have foot neuropathy caused by my type2 diabetes and COPD and affects my toes and underpad of the front of my feet[right one is worse]. I stopped alot of pucks with that foot plus dropped a 65 lb. anvil on it which destroyed all the cartilage according to a specialist years ago in Canada. After consultation with my GP and 3 other docs of different specialties,I just continue with my Tylenol. I have  high pain threshold though. The front of my feet feel like frostbite and the pads feel weird when I walk like a bulge with no feeling that doesn't belong.

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