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Got a cryptic email from a neighbor on the hill in SJC suggesting that my undeveloped lot was hosting rats (just wait 'till I move in...).  If this is true, the only possible food sources would seem to be animal or vegetable. Is there a 'plague' of delicious insects currently in progress?   In the later category, the only candidates would be grasses and the two meter tall specimen shown below, which does seem to produce fruit of some sort.  Can anyone please comment on these factors? TIA!



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34 minutes ago, Natasha said:

rats don't eat insects, nor live plants!   but they'll "homestead" wherever they get the chance, and do their food searches elsewhere

Thanks for the input.  Some sources indicate that some species of rats enjoy fruit and insects, though the only published material referencing (using the local collective noun) a rodent 'plague' Lakeside I came across describes an infestation last November around poorly managed garbage in Joco, which sounds like the classic case.

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