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car and house alarms

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Well, it's been three days and a Riberas house alarm is still going strong.  According to a neighbor's gardener, the owners live in Guad and seldom come to this house.  He pointed out that if a thief was smart this would be the ideal time to break in and steal stuff because the alarm has been sounding for so long we are all used to hearing it.  The owners have never given a key to a neighbor who could then enter and either disable the alarm or check to see if there had actually been a burglary.  But no...just set the alarm, leave, and let it annoy everybody within a two block radius if it goes off because of a power outage and restart.  Same is true of useless car alarms.  People set them then go someplace where they can't hear them if they do go off.  Besides, a pro thief knows how to quickly disable those alarms if they break in.  If you have an alarm on your car and then don't respond, then what good it does I just don't know.  Anybody else who hears it only becomes annoyed and otherwise really couldn't care if a loud motorcycle or hard rain sets off your alarm.  Just do everybody a favor and DON'T set alarms if there is no system in place to respond to it.  Otherwise you just anger those who have to endure the noise while you are sometimes not even in the same town.

Use your brain.


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4-5 years ago went to Dolores Hidalgo. Got there late one Friday afternoon and about 9:30 p.m. went to the Centro for a snack. The alarm on the bank in the center of town was sounding, but no one paid any attention. Saturday, same thing. Went Sunday about 7:00 p.m., same thing. Alarms scare maybe amateurs, but no one else bothers with them.

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