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Pool Liners....Available lakeside?

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Recently saw a gorgeous pool that was done with a pool liner instead of tiles. We need to remove our current old tiles, put fresh cement and either new tiles or possibly this pool liner option.

Does anyone know if there's a local or GDL company who offers this type of service?

Thanks in advance.

Val Jones. :)

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I doubt it but you could ask at Home Services or any of the other pool stores.

An option is to replace the tiles with a tile waterline border at the top and smooth finished white plaster as a replacement for the other tile.  The pool next door to us has this and it looks great.  You can come over and look at it from our roof top if you like.

This would last a lot longer than a pool liner I believe.

I might be able to find out who did the rehab of their pool by asking them when they are here on the weekend.

We had ours retiled and a new coping system plus some other modifications and repairs.  Ran about $4K U.S.  I would expect the white plaster to cost less.

Wait until it is cooler to do the work to reduce heat stress on the structure of your pool.  


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