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Thanks everyone....  Here's his contact information from his web page:

Hidalgo 79-G, Riberas del Pilar
municipio de Chapala, Jalisco 45906

Monday  4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Tuesday through Friday 12.00 noon to 7:00 pm.
Lunes 16:00 hrs. a 20:00 hrs. Martes a Viernes 12:00 hrs a 17:00 hrs
By appointment only.

Consultorio: (376) 765 3692

E-mail:  sam@drthelin.com

In the Maskaras plaza – across the highway from Orma Auto Parts
En la Plaza Maskaras – otro lado de carretera de Autopartes Orma



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On 7/25/2022 at 6:56 AM, chapalence said:

He seems to no longer be in his old location.

My efforts to contact him via his website have failed, so I am interested to know if others have managed to locate him.

He has moved to an office near Pancho's - he only gets to the office at noon - I saw him about three weeks ago - there is a site where you can make an appt online - he is said to call back up until 10 at night but my advice is, make an appt when you are there for the first time to see him for the second time if needed or to come in after the test results of whatever he orders comes back.  Supposedly I am have an appt this week - but even though he told me to contact him by email once I got my testresults back he never did - but then to be honest I sometimes don't hear the phone so if he tried me that way, I may  have missed him -there was no email however.  He is known as the science doctor and he was the only doctor i saw here - and i had seen two others - who  thought outside the normal medical box and  ordered some strange test that did come back with some troubling results which is why i have to see him again- good luck.  

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Thank you Dottiejane 😊 

Since I  posted my partner has had two appointments with  him and is feeling very confident that because he is, as you said, the "science doctor", he has sorted several problems that have persisted for her through a couple of doctors on both sides of the border. I  might add, she's a tough sell when it comes to mds.

I saw him once and just made a second appointment today. His system is a little hard to understand and for me, communication is lacking. In your case, based on some concerns you have shared, I  would use his emergency cell number that is on his business card to make certain that you don't need to get in to see him sooner rather than later.  


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24 minutes ago, PNR1 said:

Regarding later office hours, did you ever consider home, visits or hospital rounds?  Yip newbies, doctors do that here in Mexico!

i really didn't since i was in great shape until things started going down very rapidly about a month ago - but i certainly would consider any or all now       home visits would be great - - i never thought hospital rounds - can you say more about those = i have the name of a female doctor near me  who evidenlly does do home visits - she is not my doc-however ---- unfortunately i chose the a very good doctor when i came but he is not the doctor i need now - he  for sure does not do home visits-


   i see dr sam on wednesday and depending on his diagnosis, will take further steps to get through whatever this is including changing to the home visits doctor - my next query might have to do with nursing/assisted living places - 

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27 minutes ago, chapalence said:

He's NOT cheap, but he is thorough.

An hour and a half new patient consultation with Dr. Sam is..... $800 pesos!   $40 US Dollars.  That's cheap IMO, especially for a Doc of his standing in the community!


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17 minutes ago, RickS said:

An hour and a half new patient consultation with Dr. Sam is..... $800 pesos!   $40 US Dollars.  That's cheap IMO, especially for a Doc of his standing in the community!


Oh, I totally agree with you, Rick.

I suppose I meant that if one is price shopping GPs, he is higher than many. Still a bargain for the excellent skills he  brings to the table.

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