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First time Visitor Seeking February Rental

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Good natured 62 year old from Pennsylvania seeks to discover the Lake Chapala community.  First time visitor who like so many others has been reading blogs and watching videos.  Love diversity and Mexican culture.  Not a culturally insensitive dimwit.  Honestly exploring future options as I’m looking to be actively engaged in my retirement.  Will be joining American Legion and Lake Chapala Society.  Looking for modest or character One bedroom/ One bath Casita or apartment.  Walking distance to shops, restaurants, etc. preferred.  Best level internet please.  Access to outside space, deck or mirador. 

Please contact directly with opportunities.  No pets (he is visiting best friends), nonsmoking (kinda boring actually).  Art, Culture, Foodie, History, kindness, decency… (my weakness is chocolate and kids and animals can melt my heart).  Ajijic4Jim@gmail.com 

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13 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

Are you looking to rent preferribly in Chapala or Ajijic?  There is also San Antonio and Jocotepec. 

My thoughts are Ajijic for my first visit BUT I am open minded.  I want to walk places and be near some shops, cafes and things.  

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2 hours ago, artsnob said:

If It is long term I might have something then, PM me

HOPEFULLY… I’ll feel the connection and want to stay.  How long term is longer term?  Also longer term includes Eddie my best friend who happens to be an Australian Terrier (25 pounds) small and looks like Benji.  Well behaved.  Non barker. Funny, intelligent and highly socialized to people and other animals.  

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