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Power outages

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In past years, after a storm like that the power would be out for hours and I'd be getting my generator out to keep the fridge and water pressure on.

Went on and off during the height of the storm and then came on towards the end and stayed on.

This was far better than years past.  CFE has improved.


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37 minutes ago, dixonge said:

I don’t need to report it if it is a widespread outage. That’s why my *only* question was about locations, not procedure…

If nobody reports it, it might not get fixed. If it is more than 10 or 15 minutes call 071  have the  NO. DE SERVICIO just below your address (should start with 472 in this area) 

 They will tell you if it is widespread or local. 

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52 minutes ago, econ man said:

Supposedly how quickly CFE must respond to a particular outage is regulated by how many people they deem are affected, so it doesn't hurt to notify them. If you have the CFE Contigo app on your phone you can do it with a couple of clicks.

It use to be useful, however lately it doesn't seem for function properly.

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Power dropped about 3:30am in Las Salvias but came back a few seconds later. It was when the wind really started blowing which causes the trees to sway and then those not trimmed properly touch the electrical wires and pop the transformer.

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I thought for sure our electricity would go out but I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t.  That wind was intense, we had some windows and a door that water came through which has never happened before, it was just the sheer force of the wind blowing the water towards the house.  Our banana trees are looking a little hungover this morning.  😎

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