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I have used this service to notarize requests for release of funds from my US Federal Thrift Savings Program. It has worked quickly and easily twice in the past two years. Most states (CA being an exception) accept the process. As Jreboll points out, what the notary does is verify the identity of the person and matches that to their signature. It requires an online session (using Zoom for example) to complete. There is a software program which those governments and institutions (that accept online notary) have recognized that is used to complete the identification by the online notary; that is all behind the scenes to you.

The key is to check whether the institution you wish to work with recognizes an online notary.  Ask your online notary partner to help. In many cases, they will contact the legal department and ensure a smooth transaction.


Good luck!

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10 hours ago, ACD said:

Maryland and New York do not accept anything other than wet ink documentation of physical witness by a US based notary. Ugh!

Apparently New Yorl does: https://www.hklaw.com/en/insights/publications/2022/03/governor-signs-amendment-to-new-york-remote-online-notarization-bill

As for Maryland, here's a list: https://sos.maryland.gov/Documents/ListAuthorizedRONVendors.pdf


There is still a lot of confusion about online notarization. Some firms/businesses will tell you their state does not allow it even if it does. Word just hasn't gotten around. Some states support it fully; others only allow an online notary from their state, so you may have to choose one of their notaries. Good luck!


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My sister, Selecia Young-Jones, is a certified RON (remote-online Notary.) She is based in Jacksonville, FL and has LEGALLY helped many Ex-Pats not only lakeside but around the world achieve legal notarization of documents for the U.S. Most states do accept RON from a certified Notary.

Selecia has spent well over 20 years visiting lakeside and has many friends and contacts here. She also does Apostilles which can not only be difficult to obtain but costly as well. Should you require her services, you can contact her via WhatsApp at 904-333-7311, on her website at: rainbownotaryandnuptials.com, on FB or email her at:  904rainbow@gmail.com

I and many others who have used her services, locally, can vouch for her professionalism, fair pricing and patience. Not everyone has the "tech" savvy and knowledge to work through this ZOOM-type of service and Selecia takes whatever time is needed to help Ex-Pats get the job done.

You may have seen her ads in the GDL Reporter and the Ojo as well as the LCS Directory. 

As most know, it's extremely important to choose a reputable Notary to ensure document(s) are legally and properly Notarized. Gone are the days when U.S. Notaries who live(d) lakeside could just do someone a "favor." 

Wishing you well with any current and future Notary/Apostille needs.

Val Jones :)

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I am a Remote Online Notary in Florida. I am happy to give you a test drive on the platform. We can notarize many things remotely. California seems to be behind the times for an odd change but most things can be done. We are educating people to the innovation and the legislation that made it law. 


Selecia Young-Jones


904-333-7311 I am on Whatsapp too. 




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