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Guanajuato – once one of the country’s most peaceful states – remains Mexico’s most murderous entity.


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I follow a number of Facebook pages centering on Guanajuato City, many of which are local pages vs the expat pages.  I do see more reports of violence on the local pages than the expat pages.  I also follow the Chapala.com webboard.  From what I have read the violence in Guanajuato City is comparable to the Chapala area.  I will admit that I do not live in Mexico, but do visit Chapala on occasion and visit Guanajuato City as much as possible.  I just thought reasonable to point out the Guanajuato City is safe, as long as you don't run in the drug circles.  I also wanted to mention that there are two towns in Guanajuato State named Santa Rosa de Lima.  One is a beautiful and safe mountain village not far from Guanajuato City.  The other is about 70 miles south in the Municipio of Villagran, near Ceyala, where the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel was or is centered.

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It appears to me much of the problem is outside of Guanajuato city proper.  I keep reading about Celaya, Irapuato, and Silao in particular.  Not to minimize the problem but I believe tourism in Guanajuato town is still relatively safe.

This CJNG bunch seems far worse than Sinaloa ever was.


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