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Last night,Friday, Our gang went there and they were closed, did someone die in family? we went to LetraCH  in Chapala and had a superb meal, I am starting to celebrate my 82nd birthday this weekend, so guess we will not be going to Goshas, as they do not answer their phone...

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On three occasions, I made reservations for a dinner time at a specific table.  When we arrived, others were seated there. (We were on time).  After that, I wrote and politely complained.  I never received an answer and we have not returned to the restaurant.   The current situation is therefore no surprise.

Art Snob:  have a Happy Birthday!


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4 hours ago, artsnob said:

Thanx Gringal, for birthday wish, we are going to Casa Linda tonite, Sunday, For our lobster, Goshas is on do not go list...

Where is Casa Linda?  Is it down the street next to where you would turn to go to Yves?   Do they have lobster thermador?  My favorite!

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On 6/25/2022 at 1:54 PM, artsnob said:

I had made arrangement with owner Carlos to serve us two lobster dinners for June 27, I get it every year for my birthday with him, he never said he would be closed for my Birthday, so I guess I wont be going there anytime soon..

These days Carlos is busy running El Sombrero..  It might have been better to make the arrangements with Gosha  herself.  Sad that you missed out however.

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 Lakeside…I too enjoy the restaurants at lakeside ,they have improved drastically over the years and the prices although rising are still a great bargain….however your comments about the food in the US and the UK  are the exact opposite of what we are experiencing. We began in the US and have been making our way gradually back west from Budapest and are at present spending a few days in Wimbledon…our restaurant food has been wonderful…not necessarily inexpensive depending on the country but still a great change…I personally draw up a list of restaurants for each city with alternatives way before we arrive using a wide range of food blogs and alternative media recommendations 


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