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Looking for a new Vet. Would appreciate recommendations.

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We currently use a local, well known Vet, and have no problem with the service or care.  The issue is that the prices have really increased.  Does anybody have a recommendation for a local Vet that is reasonably priced, qualified, and have provided good service?  Spanish speaking is fine.  Thank you in advance. 

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‭I found a new vet through Boneboyage behind Walmart. His name is Marco +52 (33) 2225 8425‬

I am a foster dog parent and Marcos took very good care and was genuinely concerned. He has good equipment.

I also use Pepe Magana in riberas but he has not been feeling good (cancer) so do not want to overload him.

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On 6/24/2022 at 1:17 PM, chapalence said:

We have tried them all and have found Dra. MAYRA IBARRA to be the best all around vet in this area.

She is located on calle Degollado, directly across from the Chapala Correos de Mx. office.


We like her a lot too even though finding a place to park in that area is a real bear.  


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Hector Ladrone is an excellent vet / great diagnostician and his office has excellent diverse equipment and he has a surgeon. HOWEVER his prices are through the roof. I have 3 dogs and the last time I was in he charged me for 3 office visits (shots and a QUICK go over) . It 1800p for the visit plus the itemized items WOW

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