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Typing Spanish accents

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Recently someone posted what various combinations to type to get the different  Spanish lettters  for both capital and small letters. I can't find it now. Does someone have it?  

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There's a better way, depending.

On Windows and Linux desktops, and I presume on MacOS, you can configure a second keyboard layout, and a hotkey to toggle between the two.

The second keyboard layout you want is US_INTL with Dead Keys. When you switch to this layout, certain keys like ', `,~, ^ function as "dead keys," which aren't output, rather they signal that the next character should be accented. To type résumé you'd enter


If you needed a capital like É, that's


The dead keys are fairly intuitive, so there's not much to remember:

apostrophe = acute accent
backtick = grave accent
colon = diaeresis (two dots above)
caret = circumflex (like a hat)
tilde = umm, tilde, as in Spanish eñe

There are some others, but Mexicanish mostly uses acute and tilde: the spelling of words like güey are rapidly giving way (heh) to wey.

Most of the time, English speakers will leave their keyboard layouts on US_EN, switch to US_INTL w/Dead Keys for a word or two, then switch back.

BTW, if you actually want to type an apostrophe without switching back to your standard layout, just type it twice.




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44 minutes ago, Jubilacion said:

I tried these ALT Codes on my Chromebook.... FAILURE!  🤪

Any ideas for Chromebook users with symbols, letters, etc.  🇲🇽

Try this... https://groups.google.com/g/chromebook-teachers/c/kAJvmsp9Ikc

I also picked up this tip for Windows users from BisbeeGal on InsideLakeside... it's AHMAZING!!!! https://spanish-accents-capslock.software.informer.com/2.0/


After you download you simply press the Caplock key and hit the letter you want to appear with an accent or tilde. For a capital letter you press both the Caplock and Shift keys.


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2 hours ago, Jubilacion said:

I tried these ALT Codes on my Chromebook.... FAILURE!

Alt+NumPad is a Windows thing and not at all universal. I think MacOS has a rough equivalent, which is likewise unique to Macs.

The approach I describe above is universal, on any system that supports multiple keyboard layouts -- which means everything except phones and tablets. (Phone OSes have long-press character options.)

Just add a second layout, make it US International w/Dead Keys (or similar), and set a hotkey for switching to and from the second keyboard.

On Chrome OS, that's Settings > Languages and Inputs > Inputs and Keyboards. By default you probably only have English (US) set up.

So, Inputs and Keyboards > + Add Input Methods. Check the box for English (US) with International > Add.

You'll notice that you can choose either layout right there in the settings, and an indicator near the taskbar clock toggles between EN and IN. There's also a settings message Keyboard shortcut available, stating that the default hotkey (shortcut) is Ctrl+Space.

Now close the Settings. Hit Ctrl+Space a few times and watch the indicator toggle between EN and IN.

Now let's try it out. Open any app where you can type some text. Switch to IN. Type r'esum'e. The output will be résumé. Switch back to EN if you're done typing accented characters.

You're done. Now you're the United Nations. World peace can't be far off.



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1 hour ago, Ferret said:

It's where the letters are located since I don't look at the keyboard when I type. I just look at the screen. You wanna see typos? Make me type on a Spanish keyboard. Oy vey!

Envy you.  Dad refused to allow taking typing in high school..... when I could be better occupied learning LATIN (because French already in hand).  All thru' university days with many papers to write, hunt and peck.  Now maybe 7 digits on a good day...... with eyes on keyboard all the time. 😜

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