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Paying Totalplay in Cash at Intercam

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For anyone who prefers to pay TP in cash, I just learned (perhaps the last person on the planet..... again??) that if you download your TP statement in PDF format, there is a bar code that appears upper right.

Take that to Intercam and cashier can scan and take payment.  Head office assures me is instant credit, like Oxxo. (Forgot to ask if for acct holders only.... sorry)

Why do I care?  Because Oxxo got us for $700 pesos on June 3 with same trick they've pulled once before (and we didn't check receipts well enough ☹️) so today spent a VERY long time getting phone, Mexican channels TV, and wifi restored with 5-day extension granted while TP tried to sort out.  Plus I have to repay, at the "non-pronto pago" rate.  GGRRRRR

However, TP people were excellent as always.... customer service as well as tech support.

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Would you please specify which Oxxo did this to you? I have used three different Oxxo's over the last six years. The one next to the Pemex in Riberas, the one at the top of San Mateo and the one in the plaza with the Sunrise Restaurant. It all depends on which is the most convenient at the time.  I've used them to pay Telmex, Telcel, Mercado Libre, other online purchases and now TotalPlay. I have never experienced what you just went through whether there's a bar code or not.

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17 hours ago, Ferret said:

Would you please specify which Oxxo did this to you?

Riberas across from lower Chula Vista.  Same one last time too. Still waiting on reply from them.... and when they "deny" will ask " since the receipt shows cashier receiving $711,  getting paid $14 commission, and zero change, just exactly where did the rest go?" Futile effort.... I know that.... but will make me feel better.  NOT

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12 hours ago, Kiko said:

..... if you paid cash for a Mercadolibre product at OXXO, a refund later can be difficult.  A good reason to have Mexican bank account with a credit or debit card.  

Has not been my experience.  Recently sent 2 items back   ... both paid cash ML at Oxxo.... and got instant credit to Mercado Pago couple of days later for use with next purchases.

I HAVE a Mexican bank account.  I choose not to use debit or credit cards...... Mexican or Canadian.... for purchases here. Yes to ATM cash withdrawals either one.

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Off topic just a bit, but a word about credit card use here and why I would never GET a Mexican CC.  Bought something  over $50 U.S. on line from "new" (to us) U.S. source using Canadian VISA. Delivery and duty to Mx included. Conformation received.  Two week delivery date and  order number given.        4 weeks later.... nada.

Sent email questioning "problem or FRAUD?".  "F" word got their attention. Oh ... so sorry.... order slipped thru the cracks.  Sending in 7 days. Two weeks later still nada.  Contacted Canadian CC. At first didn't want to get involved (1st step is to try and work out between buyer and seller). Explained steps up to there.  Agreed to  refund purchase on VISA account, on condition after investigation (could be up to 6 weeks) might take it back again.  Never happened because of course, was a scam.  I very seriously doubt from anything I've been told about Mx credit cards, regardless of the "brand", that I could have managed this if  MX card problem.

And by the way, here's a GREAT site if you wonder about something that looks too good to be true to check BEFORE you spend any $$.

https://www.scamdoc.com/         Found this site  after the fact, and yes, it was.  And another a little while later.   😠

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