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14 minutes ago, lakeside7 said:

am at a loss as to how many people are coming up with different observations/answers/speculations etc etc from a poster that is passing on info third hand..

If you notice, I only weighed in for just that reason- the responses that followed the original topic post all condemned the seller, and even asked for his name so they could avoid buying anything from him, simply based upon the OPs account of second-hand information. 

Declaring someone guilty of terrible behavior based on one third-party account, without any other evidence, or having both sides of a story and adequate first-hand information is unfair and ridiculous.

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3 hours ago, mudgirl said:

You keep contradicting yourself. You first said that in your work up north it was the contractor's responsibility to check that the materials ordered were the same as the ones delivered. Then you said it was the worker's responsibility not to start nailing down materials without checking that they were the correct materials. 

Now you say it's the seller who should take the hit.

Both parties have responsibility here- the homeowner who never bothered to check that what she received was what she ordered (and probably doesn't know the difference anyway) and the seeller who screwed up the order. Instead of this becoming some nasty adversarial situation,  I would suggest that the seller and buyer should try to work out some reasonable terms.

Unless the seller is simply scamming, it would seem that the customer now has superior materials to what she actually ordered, which will perform better over time and probably save her money in the long run.

It's not the Hine owners fault. She ordered they sent wrong stuff.  She paid installers to install. Pretty easy. Don't know why you want a innocent customer to pay 11k peso for the store owners mistake? 

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