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ILOX down

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LOS light flashing red in Las Salvias. Cut wire somewhere. 

Sent ILOX en email about 5 minutes ago. Got this response saying yes they're down and are working on it. 

En este momento estamos presentando un inconveniente en la población, el personal de mantenimiento ya se encuentra verificando para restablecer el servicio lo antes posible.

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Talked with 3 technicians yesterday (Monday) about 1:15 pm, they said they repaired the iLox problem and were waiting for CFE to return electricity to the affected area. 

I called iLox last night and was told the same thing and it would be up in an hour, jajajaja!  Still out.......

Grateful we contracted with TotalPlay on Friday due to the previous iLox outage they also blamed on CFE. I don't doubt CFE could be the culprit but someone in management with iLox really needs to work with CFE management to put a stop to this nonsense.


Val Jones :)

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I thought the same. After calls late last night and first thing this morning, still no success. Finally, about 4 pm, I called again and the technician on the line did say the problem with CFE had been resolved and parts of Ajijic were back on-line. He did some trouble-shooting with me but no success. Happy to receive a call from a cheerful young lady asking if tomorrow morning at 10 am would be good for us to have an iLox technician visit our home.

Will/would be great to have both TotalPlay and iLox available in the event one has an outage, we'll still have service.


Val. :)

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