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Looking for a medium sized flat screen TV

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My standard advice for all such purchases is to set the budget first, then shop.

Next, it's best to go to a store and do some showrooming, for two reasons:

  1. What size is "medium?" Medium is subjective.
  2. Given #1, what screen resolution is acceptable?

Not that long ago, a 24" TV would have been medium-sized to some. Now it's the smallest they make. 24" is kind of a specialty size, like for an RV or something. 32" is common, and costs the same. Heck, 40" often costs the same as 32", or within $15 USD.

Whatever size you choose, sample the image resolution, in the store. The bottom end is 720p, but it won't look so good beyond 24", and is the wrong place to cut corners. 1080p (commonly, "HD") is everywhere. 720p is something they try to sneak past those who don't check. I've seen comparable-looking and similarly-priced TVs in Walmart, but one is 1080p and the other 720p. There's gamesmanship afoot.

If I were to speculate on your requirements, I'd say 35" - 40" would do. Just verify that 1080p looks okay on it. Example:


5 hours ago, Nikalos Telsa said:

Don't need smart TV

Everything sold will have some smarts, but you don't have to use them (I don't). Just don't provide the TV itself with a network connection. Let it connect upon first run, for software updates, then pull the network or wifi plug. Also look for a TV setting that disables "phoning home."

This will disappoint TV makers. Profit margins are razor-thin, and most rely on data harvesting for viability. Too bad. In my book, TVs are a one-off purchase, not a relationship.

Last, flat-panel TV speakers suck, period. Use that sound bar you got for Christmas.



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