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Air conditioning repair?

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We have a 2 ton LG mini-split air conditioner in our living room. About a week ago, we thought we' " crank itup" for about an hour. Grabbed the remote, punched the button and, nada! Replaced the batteries and still nothing. We called the repair company in Riberas and, after the usual of phone calls not being returned and texts ignored the technicians(?) showed up. They checked a few things and told us that the u it was shot, then, proceeded to try to sell a new one. Heidi and I discussed it and agreed to the purchase. After more run around, I cancelled the whole thing. Yesterday, a friend stopped by and put a new fuze in the unit (30 pesos) and it came to life! So, I guess my suggestion would be, be careful!

Heidi and Rick

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On 5/23/2022 at 4:53 PM, heidinrick said:

So, I guess my suggestion would be, be careful!

Good advice.....too much of that kind of thing going on in numerous sectors.      

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