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 Hello. I really need some help finding these girls fur-ever homes. I'm an older person & my husband is home bound. I can't leave him alone anymore because he fell off the couch. How, I don't know. I have a very bad back & not supposed to do any heavy lifting.  Between the two of us. We managed to get back up off the floor. There are at this present time 8 dog's living in our home. Two of which are older dogs.  Which we will be keeping. The other two dog I've managed to get homes for. I live on the south side of the Lake in a little town called Puruagua. Which is about 4 km east of Tuxceca. Please call 331-008-0394 or post here. I've tried all the shelters & was told they were full. They range in age from about 2 & 4 months to just a little over a year old. I'm sorry to say that I have given them names. The oldest one has been spayed but no shots as of yet.  I simply can't keep them. So, please, please help me find homes for them. Thank you & God Bless.




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I already did that on my husband account. Nothing is working.  What do people want me to do?

Option 1: Throw them away like someone else already did?

Option 2: Have them put to sleep?

Have petty on these fur babies. I don't really want to do either one of the options above but I'm being given no choice but to do one or the other.

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I understand you are in a very difficult situation, and feeling frantic, but trying to guilt people out about adopting them is not the way to go about it. Not everyone wants, or can take on a dog, and some have their hands full with the dogs they already have. 

You just posted this less than 24 hours ago- maybe have a bit of patience.

But I assume you realize that finding homes for 8 dogs asap is a pretty tall order.

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I like the old Timex commercials used to say, take a licking and keep on ticking. I will endeavor to do the right thing by these dogs. I'm working a solution that doesn't require me to either throw them away or have them put to sleep.  Moderator: Please do me the favor of closing my account. This will be the last post that I put up here.

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I'm sorry for your situation. I already have two big dogs and live in a very small house. I sense your frustration but to expect the situation to be resolved in 24 hours is being a little unrealistic. Suerte!

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