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It's strange to me that a reputable installer from a reputable company would not know this either. And, even knowing that they are at fault, will the company play fair in Mexico. Generac has now had the unit for nearly a week and my friend is giving them until Monday. They are familiar with Profeco. More to follow.

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On 5/9/2022 at 3:07 PM, mudgirl said:

If you sweat a lot, make sure to drink a lot of water so you don't get dehydrated.

This may seem like something that people would do naturally, but I am almost never thirsty and have to remind myself, and actually find it hard to choke back a glass of water.

If this sounds odd, imagine that you have just eaten a big meal, and then someone forces you to eat another when you aren't at all hungry.

I know many other people who have told me they are also never thirsty and seldom drink water.

I read that many of the people found dead of dehydration  in Death Valley actually have canteens with plenty of water with them. As they do not feel thirsty, they do not drink. I was told by a Doctor to sip water and not to drink a glass of water, the body doesn't absorb it then and passes it out pretty quickly. If your urine is yellow you are dehydrated.

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Anytime I have purchased equipment that needs to be set up for either propane or natural gas there was documentation included.  I would certainly expect that from Generac and I would think anyone importing and installing them here would know this.

This unit, which was probably imported from the U.S., would probably come set up for NG as that is the predominant source of gas there.

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6 hours ago, RickS said:

It's strange (to me) that a Generac unit sold in Mexico would not come with the propane orifice installed as natural gas is almost non-existent here?



I bought a gas dryer from Home Depot in Guad. 10 or so years ago. Asked the salesman multiple times if it was set up for propane and he said it was. It worked fine for about 6 months and then died. When they came out to fix they said it was because it was set up for natural gas and so wasn't covered on warranty and wasn't set up properly. I had installed it, so couldn't really argue, but I had asked. Cost about $100 US to fix.

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26 minutes ago, oasiscloud said:

Asked the salesman multiple times if it was set up for propane and he said it was. 

Unfortunately, you can't trust regular salespeople to know about the products they are selling. For a high ticket item where there was a crucial detail like that, the customer should either research the item themselves, or pay someone knowlegeable, in your case, a gas fitter or plumber (in Mexico the plumbers also do gas work) to go along with you.

I once was in the market for a DVD player, but wanted one that played all regions (most of the ones you buy in Mexico only play region 4). I perused the selection and asked the salesperson which, if any, played all regions. She told me they all did. I purchased one, took it out of the box, only to see on the info on the back of the machine that it only played region 4. I took it back and asked why she had told me it played all regions and she just shrugged.

Another time I was in Costco and a salesman had a booth set up with sheets he was promoting. I asked him if they were cotton, and he said yes. I then checked the tag, which said 100% microfiber. When I pointed that out, he claimed that microfiber was "a type of cotton". He either had no idea what he was selling (which is what I suspect), or had no qualms about lying. 

There was a large independent building supply store where I lived in Canada, and what was great about it was that most of their employees were extremely knowledgable, as they hired former plumbers to work in the plumbing dept, former electricians in the electrical dept, etc. Then they sold out to the Home Hardware chain, who hired no-nothing employees for minimum wage.

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