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Fire at Brunos Restaurant

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Update, translated.

This midday a fire was reported in a recognized restaurant in #Ajijic, elements of Chapala Firefighters came to the scene to extinguish the fire, no injuries were reported.
According to preliminary data, there were injuries for around 30 thousand pesos and the fire was due to accumulation of waste on the site.

May be an image of 3 people and people standing

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So sorry to see this....LOVE Bruno's meals! I hope no one was injured and they can repair damages quickly.  I agree, we'd all like to see them locate to a space with parking and open air dining but if not, we'll continue to support them with bi-monthly take-out orders. LOVE their Rib-eye, Filet, baked potatoes, salads, etc.


Val. :)

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3 hours ago, vetteforron said:

I hope they build back . I was a customer when I was just a tourist starting in the mid 90s. 

The good old days...when Bruno himself used to bring out the white board.

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Remember when Bruno was minding the place, you could go in and every table had a reserve sign on it? You'd ask and he said sit anywhere and he has the signs up so if someone he doesn't like comes in, he could say all the tables are reserved!

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